On Board Marine Battery Chargers Reviews

When selecting a marine battery charger, you want to make sure you find the best fit for your needs. A battery charger that can’t quite measure up to the occasion can be a dangerous liability. The wrong battery charger or converter can have potentially disastrous effects, from fire damage to personal injury. A poorly researched battery charger could leave a person stranded out in the open in less than safe waters.

Another safety practice you need to make a habit is to make sure you have properly maintained your boat battery. With so many brands of marine battery chargers, it is of the utmost importance that you get the one that’s right for your needs, by researching, and reading consumer reports, and consumer reviews. You want to search for a charger that is from an established premium series, and from a company that backs up its products with innovation, quality, and efficiency.

One of the first things you have to know is the type of batteries you have. There different types of lead acid batteries are wet cell, gel cell and absorbed glass mat. Wet cell batteries tend to be cheaper. However, they tend to degrade quicker. There are two types of wet cell: serviceable and maintenance free. If you don’t know much about chargers maintenance free is probably the best choice. Hiring a professional is expensive. However, you also have to remember that these kinds of products are not very durable. So if you have some experience with chargers you can choose a serviceable one. If you can repair it yourself it will cost you a lot less in the future.

Gel cell and AGM are more expensive but there are also more durable. So if you’re using you boat often it’s probably the best choice. AGM tend to be considered the battery available on the market. As a consequence, gel cell are becoming less popular. So it’s definitely a thing to consider before you buy. With AGM batteries you will have more choice and it’s really likely they will continue to be sold in the future. The future of the gel cell type is not certain so it’s definitely a thing to consider if you didn’t buy your battery yet or if you want to replace it.

You also need to check the capacity of you battery is also important when you want to buy a charger. For example, deep cycle batteries are known to be able to provide energy during a long period of time. But they should not be use as starting batteries. So you need to check the reserve capacity expressed in amps. The bigger this number will be the larger you charger will be. It also depends on how fast you want your battery to be charged. If you want that process to be really fast then you will need a pretty big charger.

AGM tend also to be more resistant which is important if you live in a region where there is a lot of rain or humid conditions. Remember also that very low temperatures will have a big impact. All batteries will have problems with freezing temperatures but AGM batteries are the best when it comes to cold weather.

There a lot of popular brands of marine battery chargers: ProMariner, Pro Sport, XPS, Dual Pro. Must check different types of brand at www.trollingbatteryguides.com/top-boat-battery-charger with full description.One of our favorite is Minn Kota.

Recommended charger : Minn Kota Model MK110P

One highly recommended portable marine battery charger is the Minn Kota Model MK110P, a powerful continuation of the successful series of Minn Kota marine battery chargers. This amazing, smart, and reasonably priced boat battery charger is gaining popularity at a rapid rate. A very portable marine battery charger that was designed for use with 12V / 5-cell batteries and has a 50 to 130 amp per hour rating, and they are FCC compliant and virtually maintenance free. The weight of the unit is a very light 6.5 lbs. and the dimensions are a compact 7 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 7 and 3/4s inches. Compact enough for almost any boat dash or console.

This portable marine battery charger offers at up to 50% faster charging time than competitor chargers. This lightweight charger is very simple to use and employs powerful electronics to guarantee more than enough juice to get the job done, for most boats. Boasting a swift recovery cycle, the Minn Kota Model MK110P charger also features short circuit and reverse polarity protection to prevent malfunction and costly and tragic damage.

An automatic 3 stage, charging 10 amps output and a comprehensive LED display indicate power on/off, charging, full charge status and can check connections. It even has a feature that indicates when it is finished. So you just attach the necessary connections, activate, and go about your day, secure in the knowledge that went its time to fish, cruise, patrol, or even race, your boat battery will be ready, charge at maximum. When the battery is fully charged, it engages its maintenance mode, so your charge doesn’t trickle away like with so many other chargers. If ever you find yourself stranded with no battery power, even on the water, the MK-110P Marine Portable Charger from Minn Kota will swiftly have you back in business. With a fine Minn Kota Model MK110P series charger, you’re marine power needs are fully covered.