Beginner Guide To Wrap Your Hand

Do you plan to go to a boxing gym? Or else are you confused in choosing the best boxing equipment? Let’s go through a small description of the things that you need to have in hand as a boxer. Safety is a primary concern in boxing. Regardless of your experience, it is always a matter of your choice to select the best boxing outfits to keep you comfortable in your boxing journey.Make sure wrap your hand with best quality wraps so you can check hand wraps for boxing at online store or visit near boxing equipment store.

Hands: the bludgeon of a boxer

Boxing gloves and hand wraps comprise the valuable assets of a boxer. It is a must to prevent injury and enhance the punching power. Hands are considered as the most precious weapon of a boxer and hand wraps protects hands from fractures and injuries due to repeated punches and defense activities. Moreover, it provides an overall support for wrists, knuckles, fingers and the whole hand itself. Many people have a misconception that hand wraps are just for giving a cushion effect for the hands. This is absolutely wrong. Hand wraps secure all your moveable bones and loose joints. It fastens all joints of the hand so as to equally distribute the shock across the entire stuff.

Hand wrap: beyond a drape

A proper hand wrap will stiffen itself to a solid fist on closing your hands. It will prevent the joints from moving independently and minimizes the impact of punch on the hand. Life after boxing is not less important.  You need hands for doing daily routines also. Hence it is always your matter of concern to minimize injuries.
Hand wraps are essential to protect the bones and tendons in your hand. They give support to your thumb and the whole wrist and prevent from any hard injuries. In fact, wrapping hand is like a daily ritual for any boxer.
Some of the key points to consider before wrapping your hand includes:cover hand with wrap before boxing match
•    Give a separate wrap for your fingers: Hand wraps is not just draping your hand. It should effectively protect the bones and tendons of your whole hand including fingers. Hence the hand wraps should move through each of the fingers separately.
•    Avoid wrapping hands too tightly: Assure that the hand is tight on closing the fist and is in a relaxed state on opening it. If your hands turned white after just half an hour, then the wrapping may be too tight. Overpressure on your hand will reduce your punch and may result in a less score.
•    Ensure a comfortable padding: Most of the professional boxers may go for an extra padding by using longer straps. In fact, this depends on the experience of the boxer and the weight of their punch.
•    Loose wrist Versus Tight wrist: Some fighters will concentrate on their wrist wrapping than on their fingers so as to allow powerful straights. They may put an extra tape on their wrists before going for a full hand wrap. But some fighters love to be more flexible and may opt for less wrist wrapping.